Laser Etching on wood

Panther Products is a non-profit enterprise center on the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) campus in the Department of Technology. In 2017, the organization was created to produce products that weren’t commercially available for the Iowa Governor’s STEM Scale-Up program which is an education initiative to promote STEM in Iowa’s classrooms. The majority of UNI faculty members have created specialized learning tools with research backing, and needed a means to mass produce these products for further research and dissemination.

Based within the Department of Technology, Panther Products employs students to primarily work on the design and production of products to fulfill grants and other needs on campus as well as within the local community.  While working for Panther Products, students gain the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned in the classroom by designing, building and producing items.

Panther Products not only makes integrative STEM educational products, but also teaches student employees the practical uses for every aspect of STEM with every project. The majority of the Panther Products employees are studying to become secondary Industrial Technology, Engineering, and STEM teachers who can pass their experiences onto future generations. 

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